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The Cozad Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee welcomes you to Dawson County, Nebraska!

Our website and trail began with a love for barn quilts.  Cozad has always been known for our art spirit as the boyhood home to Robert Henri.  We are blessed to have the Robert Henri Museum and Art Gallery here in Cozad.  This art heritage was a natural spring board for bringing art to our community at large. 

As the barn quilt trail continued to expand, a variety of outdoor art forms began to appear in our communities.  Explore Dawson County to discover Barn Quilts, the 50 States Barn Quilt, Cozad Creates Icons, Rhakenna's Wings, and the Wilson Public Library Sculpture Garden.  We are excited to be able to share art with local residents and visitors to our community while making art accessible at all times of the day.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Print a Map of Barn Quilts and Outdoor Art in the Dawson County Area HERE.

Barn Quilts of Dawson County Nebraska

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Welcome to Barn Quilts of Dawson County Nebraska - Where Beauty, History & Inspiration Merge.

Dawson County Nebraska is rich in art, history and ethnicity. In an effort to combine and intertwine the diversity of the communities within Dawson County, the Cozad Tourism Committee formed the Barn Quilts of Dawson County Trail.

Barn Quilts of Dawson County Nebraska is about celebrating our farming, quilting and diverse ethnic heritage and sharing that art culture with as many as possible. Barn quilts promote a sense of community while preserving and celebrating agriculture, history and art.

Barn quilt designs tell a story about a person, their family or their heritage. They are not just for barns anymore. They are popping up on businesses, mailboxes, garages, homes, fences and more.

The Barn Quilt movement began in Adams County, Ohio in 2001 when Donna Sue Groves painted a version of her mother, Maxine’s, quilt on their barn as a tribute. The project quickly spread to friends and neighbors, becoming a means for tourism and economic development. Barn quilts have turned into the fastest growing grassroots art movements in the US and Canada.

As our barn quilt trail expanded, we've included outdoor art in many forms.  We are proud to showcase our community's art spirit with the 50 States Barn Quilt, Cozad Creates Icons, Rhakenna's Wings, and the Sculpture Garden at Wilson Public Library.  You'll spot these art pieces in Cozad as you follow the tour viewing barn quilts.

50 States Barn Quilt

Located at the corner of 7th and Meridian in Cozad, Nebraska

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Read about the 50 States Barn Quilt Rising Star Award from the Nebraskaland Foundation on the Lexington Clipper Herald website HERE.

The 6' x 24' display includes a block for each state.  Designs were used with permission from The United States Patchwork Pattern Book based on blocks featured in Hearth and Home Magazine.  This display was create by the Cozad Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee.  Post your photos and tag #50statesbarnquilt

Cozad Creates Icons

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Celebrate Cozad's strong artistic legacy with artwork on fiberglass palettes.  Each palette is a work of art celebrating an unique design.

This display was made possible by Cozad Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee, Cozad Ambassadors, Arts Council, Cozad Development Corporation, the Business Improvement District board, and sponsoring businesses and individuals.

Rhakenna's Wings

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The lovely wings throughout our community are Rhakenna Lynn Aden's legacy.  A 3-year-old who loved kitties, mud, and her dog Jasper.  Now, you can find her in wings around Cozad.

Wilson Public Library Sculpture Garden

Located at 910 Meridian Avenue

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Sculptures, art, landscaping, and memorial bricks around the library property make this an oasis of peace to enjoy a book and reflect.

Enjoy Your Visit!

Check out the Cozad Chamber of Commerce website for more information about the Cozad community. 

We invite you to follow the art throughout our quaint towns and lovely countryside. You will be inspired by the stories behind the beauty of our agri-art form and our farming heritage.

Tour museums and attractions along the way and experience small town hospitality, shopping and culinary delights from a variety of ethnic backgrounds as well as good old fashion homemade American cuisine.

We look forward to meeting you in Dawson County Nebraska!


The Cozad Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee